"MAD HATTER" Tea Set (22 pc) - crazy low price!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

60% off "Mad Hatter"  Tea Set 22pc.
Ever been to a tea party with The Mad Hatter? There is no uniform order in his house! Everyone gets a unique tea cup to enjoy, and that's part of the fun. This tea set was pulled together for just this sort of occasion, when you're in a "Mad Hatter" mood. Would be the ideal tea set to pull out for a party of Red Hat Society ladies. While it certainly appeals to your whimsical side, the price makes it so reasonable that your right-brain side is happy, too. The 22 piece set includes the beautiful dark cobalt teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, cake dish, and 6 Dessert Plates (all this from our Lotus pattern), plus 1 tea cup and saucer each from these patterns: Sarafan, Cobalt Frieze No Gold, Terra Cotta Frieze, Strawberry, Forest Violet, & Garlands. Instead of playing musical chairs, play musical cups, and all the ladies will have a different cup each time round. All items made by the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory in St. Petersburg, Russia. Enjoy!

Set includes:
•Tea Pot (Gloden Frieze);
•Sugar Bowl (Golden Frieze);
•Creamer (Golden Frieze);
•Cake dish (Golden Frieze);
•6 Dessert Plates (Golden Frieze);
•1 Tea Cup & Saucer (Sarafan);
•1 Tea Cup & Saucer (Cobalt Frieze No Gold);
•1 Tea Cup & Saucer (Terracotta Frieze);
•1 Tea Cup & Saucer (Strawberry);
•1 Tea Cup & Saucer (Forest Violet);
•1 Tea Cup & Saucer (Garlands);
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