Quatro Cake Dish

Quatro Cake Dish is a essential [art of Quatro Tea Set but can be a center piece of your next tea party alone.
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Pattern: Quatro

Cake dish : 8 3/4" (22 cm)in diameter

Hard Porcelain. Hand decorated with 22 Karat Gold. Underglazed cobalt

Author of this beautiful cobalt twist pattern  is Galina Shuliak. (Галина Шуляк).

She is the author of the world's reknown COBALT NET pattern - the Imperial Porcelain Manufactury's brand name design. Cobalt Net is transformed into catchy pane, able to challenge the popularity of classic design. It is still hand painted and decorated with 22 karat gold like the classic Cobalt Net design but adds the feeling of the modern world.

Start to collect this contemporary Imperial Porcelain design now and you will not regret

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