'Russian Ballet' Coffee Set for 6 (22 pcs)

Author of the pattern A. Vorobyevsky, author of the form "Vertical" A. Leporskaya. Made at the Lomonosov (Imperial) Porcelain Manufactory. Filigree painting is a paraphrase on themes of "Russian Seasons" in Paris - ballets and operas by Sergei Diaghilev in the early twentieth century.
SKU: 14263
Delivery date: 3-5 weeks
Pattern: Vorobyevsky
  • Coffee Pot;
  • Sugar Bowl;
  • 6 dessert plates;
  • 6 tea cups;
  • 6 saucers;
  • 1 creamer;
  • 1 cake dish;

(vase is not included in the set);

Products specifications
Type of Porcelain Bone China
Shape Black Coffee
Manufacturer Russian Imperial Lomonosov Porcelain Manufactory