Saturday, January 17, 2015

How did you meet your mate? Where did it happen? What were you doing in that precise moment when you saw the love of your life for the first time?

Please share with us how your love story began!

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1/18/2015 10:18 AM
How I met my husband!

I was eating dinner in the dining room of my university residence. I saw a cute guy a few tables over. Later I discovered that he was also clever and nice!

1/18/2015 11:58 AM
I met my husband at a Halloween party

It was a cold, rainy night & I didn't want to go out, but my best friend insisted I go with her to a Halloween party. I didn't want to dress up so I just threw on some warm pajamas, pulled my hair back into pigtails, slipped on some slippers & carried a small blanket with me and went as a little girl. I'm not a big drinker so I was bored out of my mind when I saw the cutest costume of a shark with someone's legs hanging out of the mouth. I couldn't see who was in the costume, but a lot of people were going up & complimenting this person on it. About an hour later I was ready to go home & was getting ready to leave when I saw this gorgeous guy coming down the stairs towards me. My friend had had a bit too much to drink & was in his way when he tried to move her out of the way. She turned around & started calling him Rude Boy because he had pushed by her & I thought my chance of meeting him was shot. Lo & behold, she drug me downstairs & she proceeded to go get a drink. There he was behind the bar! It was his friend's Halloween party & he was helping out by being a bartender for him. My friend went up to hit on him when he looked up & saw me & asked her who I was. She told him, came back & told me Rude Boy wanted to meet me & we ended up hanging out the rest of the night & into the next morning. I found out he had been the one in the shark costume I had seen earlier & when the bartender his friend had hired for the party didn't show up he had taken off his costume & helped him out. While I was talking to him I instantly knew he was the one I was going to marry & when I got home I called my mom & told her that. Sure enough we were inseparable from that moment on & we have been married for 10 years now & still going strong. :)

1/18/2015 1:34 PM
My first butterflies

My love story began in the Emergency room back desk at my school where I was a full-time student.  I worked the evening shift that day, so I was relieving my sister who just finished her shift.  We exchanged tasks that I should continue in our own Vietnamese language.  There were always physicians sitting in front of my desk at the counter.  I did not pay much attention to any of them.  A couple hours later, a white coat handsome man approached me speaking fluently in Vietnamese with a British accent.  I was astonished and addressed him very politely exchanging infos in Vietnamese.  He left.  I worked and studied when I had a few moments of quietness.  I found a lovely handwritten note he left for me when I turned the page of my book.  I felt flushed, and butterflies all over my chest.  That was when I knew that I had fell in love.  Our love story began since.  After 32 years, my love for him still going ....

1/18/2015 4:23 PM
I Met My Husband in the Mail

Back in the days before email and messaging were so popular, my husband and I met through the mail by exchanging "zines," which were desktop publications about music, culture and society. He was in Arizona at the time and I was in Maryland.

1/18/2015 5:02 PM
A Tale of Tea Cities

I met my husband at a fitness club pool. Then I met him at a dance. He asked me to marry him after 3 and a half weeks.
It was nine months until our wedding. Growing up he was very shy. He was from Montreal and moved to Toronto.

1/18/2015 8:02 PM
How I met my Husband

I was a sophomore in high school and it was lunch time. The Hardees restaurant was right across the street so that afternoon that was my choice for lunch. I was putting my order in at the counter and I seen this guy peeking from the grill area..smiling and shaking the spatula towards me. I was giggling at him because he had on goofy blue lens glasses. We flirted with each other every time I had lunch at the restaurant. This was the start of a wonderful relationship with the man I knew was going to marry me. We exchanged vows on September 21, 1983..after dating for only two months. I'am still head over heels for him..and always tease him of the guy behind those goofy blue glasses I fell so in love with.

1/19/2015 9:15 AM
A destined-to-be kind of love

I met my current boyfriend in high school, and I also had no interest in him whatsoever. He was the "nerd" of our high school and I couldn't imagine myself with him, wrapped up in fantasies of the perfect fictional man with rock-hard abs (how ridiculous, I know). However, this "nerd" also thought I was an air-head who shrieked in the hallways during lunch break, being outrageous and rambunctious. We were both pleasantly surprised to discover we were both wrong about our first impressions of each other.

He was sweet and thoughtful. A true gentlemen that is very hard to find, especially in high school. And, for him, I was actually quite the competition when it came to intellect, in addition to being fun and exciting. However, it wasn't until after high school and a year in university that I realized there was no other guy like him out there. Having broken off our blossoming relationship to go to university, I immediately back-tracked, but our relations were not as good as they had once been (I had broken his heart after all).

To mend this error, knowing where he worked and what car he drove, I took a book and read next to his vehicle in the parking lot, waiting for whenever his shift would end (I had a long wait). But the nerve-wracking wait was well worth it. He came outside, stunned by my presence. He sat next to me in that parking lot and we talked and talked. It was like we'd never been apart. It has been 4 years and counting now, and I have never been more in love with the high-school nerd than I am now, and I'm more than proud of the fact xoxox

1/19/2015 12:30 PM
Off to a Rocky Start

I had been posted to far away Central Asia, had been promised a job in Almaty, ended up in Bishkek instead.  The first time we met, my husband was trying to convince me to rent his apartment for the next three months.  I turned my nose up, sniffed a refusal and went on with my search.  Six months later we were married.

1/20/2015 2:35 AM
Met My Husband

At my older brother's house. He was a friend of his. Years later we went on a fishing trip together and have pretty much been inseparable ever since.

My brother totally approved and that's is saying a lot. I can't tell you how many beau's he ran!

25 years and counting.  

1/20/2015 7:21 AM
The Beauty and the Jerk

I first met Judy at a place called Sam's.  It was a drive up restaurant, she was a car hop and I worked on the inside.  Back then we were called soda jerks.  As for me the emphasis was on "JERK."  
She is a beauty, way out of my class, but that did not stop me.  Continually asking her out and continually receiving the same response, “NO”, did not deter me.  But as the summer was coming to an end, football practice started and I left Sam's I did not see Judy again.
In February of 1971 my sister came home from church and said Judy was going in to the hospital to have her tonsils removed.  Having nothing to do one Sunday night I began to hitch hike the 11 miles to the hospital.  I had been walking for some time and decided if I did not have a ride by the time I reached Hunt Club Road I would turn around and go home.
As I approached Hunt Club Road a green Pinto stopped. The guy inside asked where I was headed and I told him St. Therese Hospital in Waukegan.  He said that was where he was headed because his girlfriend was there.  Cool!
We arrived at the hospital and found his girlfriend and Judy were in the same room and both were there to have their tonsils out.  Well the next couple of nights I did not have to hitch hike.  He picked me up and we road to the hospital.
Well in the end the Beauty married the JERK.  Forty-one years, three children and eight grand children latter the story continues.

1/25/2015 11:46 PM
I Met My Husband by Carding Him

I was a new freshman at College and happened upon a table of seniors in the dining hall.  One of the guys who was very cute was talking about going out for a drink later with the group.  He looked very young and I didn't believe he was a senior and age 21.  So when I was introduced to him, I asked to see his I.D. as I didn't believe him.  He thought that was so funny.  The rest is history! Married and 3 beautiful children!

1/26/2015 5:02 PM
Romantic? Hardly. Fate? Sure was :)

So according to my family and friends, Im considered an aggressive driver. So one day when I was driving, I really needed to exit and well other drivers in the town im in drive just as bad. lol. So I turned on my blinker and started to make my move. Well in the process of making my move, I ended up rear ending a disabled vet. I felt really bad. So we pulled over to exchange info. there was no damage as either one of us could see but he still wanted my info just in case anything popped up. Well a couple days later, i get a phone call from the guy I rear ended. He said he really needed me to come to his work and see his car because it was having issues. I kept thinking to myself-great he is going to turn this into a huge mess!!!! So I went to were he worked (he was working at jiffy lube as a store manager). When I got there I asked where I could find him, the workers told me oh he is around back. So I wander around back of the store and there he was with a candle lite dinner(he had mcdonalds waiting with candles). lol. Totally shocked me! I know I most have had the most confuse look on my face cause he immediately started giggling. He explained that he had to do something to get me there to ask me on a date. I told him honestly this is kinda creepy. lol. He told me well if you dont want to see me again than just have a free dinner. Well we ended up talking over "dinner" adn turns out we have alot in common! Now here almost 3 years later we are married ;)

1/27/2015 3:48 AM
How I met my husband

I met my husband on a night that my friends finally talked me into going out with them. My husband was mutual friends with my friends. After we started talking we realized we had skated around each other since high school!! We were inseparable since that night!!

1/30/2015 6:29 AM
Love that lasts

While celebrating my birthday in Florida, I was introduced to my future husband.  We spent a few short days together and then I returned to my home in the west.  Once home, I was surprised to receive a phone call from him....then another...then another.  He called me every night for three weeks - then he asked me to marry him!  I quit my job the next day and drove straight to Florida to tie the knot!  No one thought it would last.  We've been married now for 17 years and have two beautiful daughters. I am very loved and very happy!

1/30/2015 5:33 PM
Destined to be Together

I was working and he was in the back room practicing his guitar amid all of the inventory and boxes.  I remember our eyes met and the world slipped away for awhile until my Boss and his friend yelled at me to get back up front.  The dreamy guy from the back room moved away two weeks later and I thought that was that.  Life went on and a few years go by, when I end up moving to Texas with a friend.  We had stopped to get gas on our way home one hot Texas night and as I was waiting for the tank to fill, I looked up and my eyes met with the backroom guitar players!  Again the world starts to slip away, but this time he comes over to me and we have been together ever since then.  It must have been destiny to end up with him after all of the years and miles that separated us for awhile, it has now been over 26 years and still going strong.

2/8/2015 4:55 PM


2/13/2015 9:15 AM
No actual memory...

At a local beer and wine festival, I apparently approached him to talk about his tattoos.  Out of alllll the people I met that day, he's the only one I gave my number to.  Later, I got a text from him and had no clue who he was as I had no memory of meeting him.  (Woops)
We went on an actual date a week later.  I'm very grateful to my drunk self for seeking out this man.  We were just married this past December.  :)

2/13/2015 5:03 PM
How I met the love of my life....

I went to my best friends wedding in 1971....I knew her husband but had never met his family....the best man was his younger brother Wesley....we flirted that night, but I was engaged at the time...that engagement was a disaster....a few years later we met again at a party and this time, the sparks flew...we've been married for 34 years and I still smile when I hear his key in the door....

2/14/2015 2:17 AM

My romantic story is that I married my wife

2/14/2015 7:45 PM
Love is Magical

Experience the Bliss and Fulfillment that comes from loving and caring. It started when he said for the first time

2/14/2015 11:26 PM
How I met my husband

I met him at work.