History of Imperial (Lomonosov) Porcelain - TATIANA AFANASYEVA

Tatiana Afanasyeva was born in Leningrad. She finished construction and architectural college in 1966; she studied ceramics and glass in a Mukhina Art College in 1969-1975. Since then she has worked at the Imperial Porcelain Manufacture as a porcelain painter and sculptor. In 1981 she became a member of the Painter Union of Russia. She received the Union’s diplomas several times for her contribution in the art of Russia. In 2002 she was awarded a silver medal of The Russian Academy of Arts. In 2004 her painting of the service “The oil” received a Grand Prix as a painting of the year from IPM Artistic Counsel.

Afanasyeva’s works have been exhibited many times at Russian and foreign exhibitions including ones held in the Hermitage Museum.:” Four views of Porcelain”, a series “ Presentation for Christmas” (2003-2005). She was a participant of international’s symposiums on ceramics. Her works are exhibited in the State Hermitage museum, State Russian Museum, State History Museum, ceramics museum “Kuskovo Manor of 18th century”, State Museum “Tsaritsino”, in the museums of Perm, Krasnoyarsk, Kursk, Kemerovo and private collections. These works are being copied at the Manufactory and are invariably in great demand. The artist creates exclusive designs for state organizations, financial corporations and other business companies. Afanasyeva porcelain can be found in the State Gift Fund. In 2006 there was a personal exhibition of Afanasyeva’s works held together with the State Hermitage in the Manufactory’s Gallery of Modern Porcelain Art.
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