History of Imperial (Lomonosov) Porcelain - saucer

first letter THE SAUCER
In a well-kept household, there's always a saucer ("blyudce" or "blyudechko" is the Russian expression) beneath the cup or the mug,whenever we pour anything thereinto. It is a wise custom, for it saves you from many inconveniences resulting from spilled zavarka or kipyatok.

If you have enough of them, it would be a manifestation of your good manners to serve tea with a saucer under each cup, so that your guests can put their wet teaspoons there. Furthermore, it makes a lot of sense to keep an additional saucer underthe samovar's spout in order to save the table from dipping hot water. Finally, as seen in many Russian paintings, people often drink tea directly from a saucer. The reason is the following: The pace of cooling is roughly proportional to the surface of the liquid over its volume

Therefore, tea cools much faster if served in a saucer rather than in a cup. Now, Russians prefer to drink their tea hot, while children can easily scald their lips or tongues with such a hot liquid. However, tea drinking is a community rite, so it would be inappropriate to let the juniors wait until their tea cools down while the elders drink. Hence the saucer.

To be continued ...source: home.fazekas.hu
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