History of Imperial (Lomonosov) Porcelain - Bone China

first letter BONE CHINA
The world knows three different kinds of porcelain; each type differs by a composition of the clay mass. "Soft Paste Porcelain" and "Hard Paste Porcelain" are the main two classes of porcelain while "Bone China" is an intermediate between them. The composition of the bone china clay mass which was discovered by Thomas Frye in England in 1748 uses a bone ash as a major component. This clay recipe and the high temperature two phase firing at 1100 – 1500 Celsius give Bone China its well known qualities: translucency and firmness.

Bone china is often referred to as the egg shell porcelain because it is as thin as an egg shell but at the same time it is fairly firm. Thanks to its exceptional strength and whiteness Bone China is always the number one choice for producing exclusive, museum quality porcelain items. Collecting of bone china was always a satisfying, noble and rewarding hobby. These articles only increase in their value with time and can be considered as a good investment. Although Bone China is considered to be firm, you still need to take a good care of your bone china collectibles and tableware. First of all they can only be washed by hand and are not safe for microwaves. Also you should avoid scrubbing gilded areas and should not hang your cups by their handles. Nowadays Imperial (Lomonosov) Porcelain Manufactory produces big variety of bone china articles, including tea sets, coffee sets, dinnerware, exclusives and collectibles. Some of these pieces are very limited and need to be put on special order. Vorobievsky collection is one of the most famous Bone China which is offered by Russian Imperial Manufactory. If you are fascinated by this beautiful collection, our store offers Vorobievsky complete sets as well as separate pieces. Some of them we have in stock while others are available through special requests which will be produced and delivered right from Saint Petersburg.

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