Dulevo Porcelain

A blacksmith Yaakov Kuznetsov founded Dulevo Manufactory in the beginning of the 19th century. It will always remain a mystery how a common blacksmith generated an idea of building a porcelain factory.

Regardless, in 1810 – two years before Napoleon’s invasion to Russia, first Kuznetsov manufactory came to life. In two years, Terentiy Kuznetsov succeeded his father Yaakov as the head of the manufactory. Old equipment and primitive burning methods of porcelain did not satisfy Terentiy. So, instead of reorganizing the old manufactory, he decided to build a new one in Dulevo village 100 km from Moscow.

1832 marked Dulevo’s history as a significant year when the new manufactory began its operation. Soon Dulevo manufactory would become one of the largest Porcelain Manufactories in Europe. Dulevo also supplied porcelain for the Russian Imperial Court.

From 1832 to 1917 the ownership of the Dulevo Manufactory remained in the Kuznetsov family. It was traditionally transferred from father to son. It is interesting to note that the factory grew from generation to generation. This expansion occurred due to continuing acquisition of Dulevo’s competitors. For example, in 1840 Terentiy Kuznetsov purchased Saphonov’s porcelain that was famous for bright colors and high quality porcelain clay. Later, in the second half of the 19th century Matvey Kuznetsov (great-grandson of the founder Yaakov Kuznetsov) expanded the family manufactory even more by obtaining another well-known porcelain factory, Auerbah porcelain. Auerbah porcelain became famous for unique and beautiful floral patterns.

Before integrating into Dulevo Manufactory, newly acquired factories underwent major renovations and improvements. Matvey Kuznetsov Lastly, with the acquisition of Gartner’s Porcelain in 1892, Dulevo became largest porcelain producer and supplier on the market. In the beginning of the 20th century Dulevo’s porcelain was considered one of the best in Europe. Also, it became well known in the Middle East where it drove other European porcelain producers from the local market. Dulevo’s Porcelain received multiple awards and gold medals at various international exhibitions: Paris (1889 – 1990), Reims (1903), Liege (1905), New York (1938), Turkey (1958), Brussels (1958). These awards signify great accomplishments in porcelain design and manufacturing of Dulevo Factory. Dulevo Porcelain Manufactory maintains its traditions of high quality up to present days

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