History of Imperial (Lomonosov) Porcelain - Michael Chemiakin

In the opinion of the world famous sculptor and artist Michael Chemiakin, the art of porcelain is the art of highly refined aesthetics. “Since my young years,” says the artist, “I was fascinated, attracted and carried away by its special warmth and the humanity emanating from the shapes and paintings of porcelain pieces, and I tried to get into this secret and to find the lost key to these long time ago elements and the properties peculiar to the old porcelain. To avoid a cold stylization and to lay the spiritual bridge between the art of my favorite 18th century and today’s perturbed times, it’s quite a challenge.”

Michael Chemiakin has carried out his first porcelain works in a special project of cooperation with the famous Lomonosov / Imperial Porcelain Factory.

He has created works devoted to the characters of the ballet "The Nutcracker", staged in the Mariinsky Theatre with the scenery and costumes by the artist. Elegant yet emotionally warm, Chemiakin’s porcelain works are easily recognized. A series of sculptures including “The Kitchen,” “The Cook,” “A Little Rat with Sausages,” and “A Little Rat – Drunkard” are notable for filigree, a refined combination of matte and glazed surfaces of porcelain, and subtle paint colors. Chef from Nutcracker Ballet (by Shemiakin) Jewelry details made of silver lend enchanting charm to the pieces.The sculpture is cast with a unique technology and is marked Imperial Porcelain. The masterful painting of the set “Little Rats – Pilferers,” designed by the artist and applied to a 19th century Imperial shape wins everyone’s regards. The characters of the ballet The Magic Nut, recently successfully staged and directed Chemiakin in the Mariinsky Theatre, will soon be immortalized in porcelain, continuing the series of works by the world famous sculptor and artist.

Together with the forthcoming tours of the Mariinsky Theatre to France, Japan, and the USA, a presentation of Michael Chemiakin’s porcelain will take place, devoted to the characters of his ballet performances.
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