Tender meatballs with white sauce

  • 2 days old white bread -250gr/0.5 pounds;
  • 1 yellow onion;
  • Mixed ground meat (beef and pork)-1kg/2.2 pounds;
  • 3 large eggs;
  • Butter - 100gr/0.2pounds;
  • Milk - 500gr/2 cups;
  • Capers with their liquid - 100gr/3,5oz;
  • 1 egg yolk;
  • Heavy cream - 60gr/0.25cup;
  • Pinch of sugar;
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice - 1tsp;
  • Pinch of grated nutmeg;
  • Salt and pepper;
  1. Put the bread in the half of the milk for a couple of minutes to soften;
  2. Squeeze out the bread and mince along with the onion;
  3. In a bowl mix together the bread, the onion, ground meat, salt, pepper, eggs and nutmeg. Knead well;
  4. Shape 20 meatballs;
  5. In a big pot bring salted water to a boil;
  6. Turn down the heat, add the meatballs to the water and cook for 10 minutes;
  7. Remove the balls and put them aside, reserve the cooking liquid;
  8. In deep saucepan melt the butter, stir in the flour and cook for a couple of minutes, constantly stirring;
  9. Spoon the rest of the milk and 2 cups of cooking water, whisk to prevent lumps.
  10. Add the capers along with their liquid;
  11. Turn off the heat. Beat together the cream and the egg yolk, stir it into the sauce;
  12. Add the meatballs into the sauce and gently warm;
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