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Winter Fairy Tale Cup and Saucer

This collectable piece of art can be the best Christmas present from you and Imperial Porcelain Factory (former Lomonosov). Under and above glaze painting. 22K gold. Hand decorated. Sign by artist.
$399.00 $289.00

Winter Fairy Tale Teamaker

Covered Cup with Saucer *THE WINTER FAIRY TALE* is a real artwork ! The design of the painting was created by Professor of arts Alexey VOROBYEVSKI, one of the most famous Russian artists of porcelain painting, Peoples Artist of the USSR.
$350.00 $297.50

Winter Fun Tea Cup & Saucer

Winter Fub Tea Cup and Saucer is a part from Winter Fun Tea Set. Pattern created by Vorobyovsky - one of the best pattern designer of modern history Imperial Porcelain Factory
$1,200.00 $1,023.00

Winter Tale Tea Set

$3,100.00 $2,830.00