About Us

 Ekaterina's mission is to serve the needs of North American porcelain and tea lovers by offering the most comprehensive collection of Russian Lomonosov (Imperial) Porcelain
Ekaterina's founders are from Saint Petersburg (Russia) and posess extensive import/export experience. The company provides friendly, customer-oriented on-line distribution, the best prices on the market, as well as a wholesale distribution network. 

Ekaterina's proudly presents the highest quality Russian specialty teas. All teas are selected according to Russian national tea traditions and samovar tea drinking ceremonies. We acquire our teas from the best West European tea purveyors and package them in the USA. Some of our teas are exclusive to Ekaterina's Imperial Porcelain & Tea.


Our BEEM (Germany) samovars (electric water boilers for tea drinking) are specially designed for North American market. They are wired for standard 110V.
Ekaterina's welcomes inquiries about the history of the Imperial Porcelain Factory and will be happy to provide information.